Visit HERE for a digital card or visit a participating Country Style location, pick up a physical card and scan the QR code provided in-store to register or go online at csperks.countrystyle.com 

Yes. Once you have registered your card, as a thank you for becoming a member, get a FREE hot brewed coffee or hot tea on your next purchase. Redeemable at any participating location or online. Not applicable with delivery.  Eligible on any size decaf, original blend and dark roast hot coffee flavours and any size and variety of hot tea.  Welcome Perk is valid for 10 days. 

As a perks member, you have 2 ways to earn FREE perks with our punch card program.  


Buy any 7 hot or cold beverages and get the 8th medium for FREE.  Punches are earned on any size hot or cold beverages.  Extras, Limited Time Offers, other offers or coupons, and Pepsi products are not included. 


Buy any 7 breakfast sandwiches and get the 8th for FREE. Punches are earned on any breakfast sandwich (standard recipe) served on a bagel or English muffin. Extras, Limited Time Offers or other offers or coupons are not included.  


Valid with eligible in-store and online purchases. Not applicable with delivery. Must use your Country Style Perks physical or digital card at time of purchase to earn perks. 

You can redeem at any participating location when you scan your registered physical or digital card.  


If you are redeeming via online ordering, you will need to log into your online ordering account or sign up if you are a new member to ensue your online orders count towards the Country Style Perks program as well as to redeem any rewards on your card.   


Once you are logged in, you will see an accumulation of your punches or redemption of perks available at check out, so you can apply them to your order. 

FREE perks earned on punch card program can be redeemed for any medium hot or cold beverage and any breakfast sandwich (standard recipe) served on a bagel or English muffin. 


Extras, wraps, Limited Time Offers, other promotional offers and Pepsi products are not included. Perk is valid for 30 days. 


Your Birthday Perk of a FREE beverage or donut can be redeemed for any size hot or cold beverage or regular donut.  Limited Time Offers, coupons and other offers, Pepsi products, Premium donuts, cream delight and éclairs are not included. Perk is valid for 7 days.

Yes. The FREE medium hot or cold beverage and FREE breakfast sandwich punch card perks expire after 30 days. The Welcome Perk expires after 10 days and the Birthday Perk expires after 7 days. 

Login to your account HERE 

By signing in, you will have access to seeing the offers and reward progress that you have, as well as seeing if you have any rewards on your card ready to be claimed.  

Sorry, perks cannot be transferred to someone else. 

Send our guest services team an email at perks@countrystyle.com or call (833)-725-1704 and we will be happy to help. 

The MTY Rewards program ended November 28, 2021 

You’re invited to transfer any unused points to a digital gift card at the MTY brand of your choice. You have 12 months to transfer these points before they expire on November 28, 2022. 

Head to MTYRewards.com or visit the website of your favourite MTY brand. Once there, click “Transfer my points” and follow the instructions. You have 12 months to transfer your points before they expire on November 28, 2022. 

No. As of November 29, 2021, MTY Rewards card is no longer accepted at MTY brands’ establishments or websites.  

You have 12 months to transfer any unused points to a digital gift card at the MTY brand of your choice.